Dead-simple SaaS management for startups

You know how easy it is to sign up for Notion. We're here to make sure getting a complete overview and control of all your tools is equally as easy. With Sorted you can manage costs, accesses and build workflows for all your tools

sorted tools typing overload

The problem with tool management today

Companies that grow fast, move fast. You probably have several admins of different tools, old employees that still have access and you're probably paying more than you should for your entire stack. In addition maintaining an overview is quite tedious and labor intensive.


New employee
new employee


Reach out on Slack to get access
hi on slack


Missing a tool and an unavailble CTO
missing tools and no help




Give up
computer says no

A no-brainer solution

After many discussions about what the ideal experience should feel like, we came up with the following product principles, that we strive towards adhering to - hopefully to the benefit of start-ups everywhere.

icon onboarding
No-one likes talking to sales
Sign up easily and get sorted at your pace
icon peanuts
Complicated tools come with a steep learning curve
We're here to make your admin world a bit simpler
icon present
We will always support company creators
Our service is free for companies that are just starting out.